Michigan Area Repeater Council
Meeting Minutes  

September 8, 2007 








MARC MEETING MINUTES                            

Place:  Lansing, Delta Twp Fire Dept. 




President:  Dennis Gaboury, W8DFG

Vice President:  Jim Maike, KB8IFE

Secretary:  Ann Manor, KT8F

Treasurer:  Dave Johnson, WD8DJB

Director:  Ron Gordon, W8YUC

Director:  Jim Kvochick, WB8AZP

Coordinator:  Dan Thompson, N8WKM

Coordinator:  Phil Manor, W8IC


Database Manager:  Dave Johnson, WD8DJB

Newsletter Editor:  Dan Thompson, N8WKM


Absent:  none


One visitor present.


Meeting called to order by the President at:  1:00 PM


Motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter made by Ron,W8YUC,  supported by Phil, W8IC, motion carried.


Treasurer’s report provided by Dave Johnson, WD8DJB.  Motion to accept the report made by Jim, KB8IFE, supported by Ron, W8YUC, motion carried.


Old business:  none


New business: 


Dennis, W8DFG, requested that a motion be made to postpone the passing of the bylaw changes and the elections to the December meeting.  Motion made by Dan, seconded by Jim WB8AZP, motion passed 


Phil made a motion proposing a change to the DOG, Resolution # 11 as follows:  additional splinter frequencies may be used if approved by the board.  The board can permit the additional frequencies by using email messages.  A majority of the board must approve. Motion seconded by Dave, discussion followed.   Vote taken and passed. 


Phil brought a question about an NFCC request:  he discussed the NFCC request that a vote be taken by its members. The question was whether the NFCC should send a letter to the FCC asking them to classify digital voice repeaters as repeaters the same as regular voice repeaters.  The NFCC will then draft a letter to present the results to the FCC if the vote passes. 

At the meeting it was thought that we had 4 votes, however the NFCC was contacted and Michigan has 5 votes. 


Jim WB8AZP move that we cast our votes in support of classifying the D-Star systems as repeaters, letter to be sent from the NFCC to the FCC if it passes.  Jim KB8IFE seconded.  Discussion.  Motion amended by Dan and seconded by Ann, to state that Phil will cast the votes for MARC in favor classifying the D-star system as repeaters, discussion, vote taken, motion passed. 


Dave made a motion that we upgrade the MARC laptop memory to 2 gig. 

The amount is not to exceed $250.00.   Seconded by Jim WB8AZP.  Discussion, vote taken, motion passed. 


Dennis will check on the annual fee to the state for MARC.



Phil had questions for discussion as follows:  What to do if a repeater is moved more than 5 miles?  (It must be re-coordinated).   What if there is a waiting list?  (Must wait until their spot on the list comes up).  Do you lose your coordination?  (Yes, if the new position cannot be re-coordinated).  General consensus was that their coordination must wait until the bottom of the waiting list, however, their existing coordination will be held in position until their spot on the waiting list comes up. The coordinator will then attempt to re-coordinate the moved repeater.


Next meeting will be held at Delta Twp. Fire Dept.  (Lansing) – December 1, 2007.



Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Dan and 2nd by Ron, motion carried. 

Time:  1:53 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Ann Manor, KT8F