Michigan Area Repeater Council

Web Site: http://www.qsl.net/miarc August, 1999 e-mail: miarc@egroups.com


Next Meeting: Saturday, September 11, 1999

Delta Fire Department Time: 1:00 PM



Hudsonville Fair Grounds, Hudsonville, MI

Motion by W. Gilbert to approve amended minutes for March, 1999 meeting. Second by D. Oesch. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: Old balance $1404.59 (from 3/99 to present date)

Expenses 43.25

Balance $1361.44

Motion to approve by J. Goldberg. Second by W. Gilbert. Motion approved.


2 Meters and down Coordinator: 1 2MHz and 1 6 MHz machine in Muskegon area, Grand Rapids machine approval in process.

220+ Coordinator: 2+ 440 MHz machines coordinated.

Data Base Manager: 685 entries in data base, received 159 TDS forms from 1999, 222 from 1998-1999, 401 from 1997-1998, 233 from 1996 or older. 65 entries being investigated at this time. 13 entries on hold due to potential problems.

Discussion of By-Laws, etc., by Board

Web site reported.

President's Report:

Letter from Gladwin repeater group complaining of interference from USECA repeater on same frequency. Letter sent to USECA. No response to date. No updated TDS form received from USECA. Letter sent to USECA requiring compliance to quadrants status or their coordination will be removed.

Board will issue Certificates of Coordination for a two year period.

Election Committee: positions of Vice President, Treasurer and one Director are open. Kelley will chair a nomination committee. Doug Brinks, N8NTN volunteered to serve on this committee.

New Business:

Letters were sent to all coordinated repeater trustees that have not responded to the request for current data. Suggesting a list of coordinated repeaters that are not known to be on the air be included in the next MARC Newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Joel Goldberg, W8HIU, Acting Secretary


Election Notice

The annual election will be held at our meeting September 12,1999 will be for the following offices Vice-President, Treasurer, and one Director. A nominating committee was appointed at our quarterly meeting on June 5 1999 at Grand Rapids.

The following people have volunteered to run for office:

Bill Gilbert, K5EPT Vice President

Dave Oesch, N8BIT Treasurer

Ron Gordon, W8YUC Director

Additional nominations, if any, will be taken at the meeting.

President's Report

The major item of interest is that we have three volunteers agreeing to run for Board positions. These are the only people who, in my knowledge, have agreed to run for Board positions. We will open the nominations at the September meeting for anyone else who wishes to run.

Acting Secretary's Report

The position of Secretary is still open. We are looking for someone to fill this position. The work involved is simple: take and publish minutes of our four meetings. Help with the mailing of the newsletter and any other notices.

Acting Treasurer's Report

We now have $1729.22 in the bank. 48 trustees have paid dues in the last meeting. There have not been any expenses to report during this past quarter

144 - Coordinator's Report

There was one 2 meter and one 6 meter repeater coordinated this quarter. Both were new.

220+ Coordinator's Report

This quarter, up to August 1, has seen 7 coordination actions. Three were in the 220 band with one of them being new and the other two were reassignments. Four coordination actions took place in the 440 band with one being new, one was a re-coordination due to a move, one was a coordination due to a move and reassignment, and one was a reassignment with no move. One repeater was de-coordinated in the 440 band for rule violations. The status of at least 40 repeaters in the 220 and 440 bands is under review for probable de-coordination action in the next quarter.

Database Manager's Report.

We made some significant advances in updating the Database during this quarter. We still have a long way to go. My thanks to those who have sent in their updates. As of August 1, the status of repeaters in the DB stands at 74% current. That means there are still about 110 repeaters that are not current. In the Link and Control frequency entries, the percentage of current entries is at 50%. We have also had about a dozen frequencies voluntarily turned in as unused. Most of these unused frequencies were not repeater pairs. Some of the repeater pairs that were turned in have been re-coordinated to people on the waiting list.



We need a way to contact the following people. They have evidently moved without notifying us. Please contact Bruce, N8UT at 517-777-8147 or by email to n8ut@area-ham.org or snail mail at 5354 Baker Rd, Bridgeport, MI 48722 if you know how to reach these individuals. The information in the FCC database, QRZ, Sams, and Buckmaster on these individuals is no good.


Director's Report.

We have seen some very important activity during the past six months. Recognition and credit must go to Bruce, N8UT, for his lengthy efforts to create one data base from the three previous data bases. In addition, Bruce has identified paper repeaters and has recommended to the Board that these coordinations be repealed. This Board is working diligently to see that interference problems are resolved. This has been time consuming, considering that, at the present, there are only five people involved to perform these critical activities. Your continued support and recognition of our guidelines will help us continue to improve the Michigan Area Repeater Council.


President: Kelly Karpp, KB8RWG
4321 Bamfield Road
Glennie, MI 48737
(517) 735-2091

Vice President: Open

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Open

Director & Acting Secretary:
Joel Goldberg, W8HIU
6762 Red Cedar Lane
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
(248) 360-2092

Director & Acting Treasurer:
Dave Oesch, N8BIT
4585 Greenmeadow Lane
White Lake, MI 48383
(248) 887-6639

Coordinator for 2 Meters & Down:
Bill Gilbert, K5EPT
3426 E. Sage Lake Road
Lupton, MI 48635
(517) 473-4586

Coordinator for 22 & Up and Acting
Data Base Manager:
Bruce Winchell, N8UT
5354 Baker Road
Brideport, MI 48722
(517) 777-8147




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