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September  2007



Letter From The Editor:


This space has been reserved for comments

to be supplied by the President

















Treasurer’s Report:

 For the Period: 05/31/07 to 06/30/07


MARC Funds balance on 05/31/07 was $3,738.37.

Total income for the period was $ 349.12 from interest, dues payments and proceeds from ARRL Repeater Directory. Total expense for the period were $ 0.00 for the June.

MARC Funds balance on 06/30/07 was $ 4132.49

Respectfully Submitted

Dave Johnson, WD8DJB

MARC Treasurer


Supporting Detail:


MARC Funds as of 05/31/2006


Share Acct      $    5.00         

Money Market   $3,420.39         

Checking        $  312.98         

Beginning Balance $3,738.37  $3,738.37



  Dues                      $   10.00   

  Interest                   $   12.12

  ARRL Repeater Directory    $  372.00  

Total Income                 $  394.12



June – No Expenses          $    0.00   

Total Expenses             $    0.00 


MARC Funds as of 06/30/2006             


Share Acct        $    5.00             

Money Market      $3,822.51             

Checking          $  304.98             

Ending        Balance   $4,132.49  $ 4,132.49





Supported by Dan, N8WKM.  Discussion, vote taken, motion carried.


Dennis stated that from now on, starting in September 2007, all meetings will be held in the Lansing area.  The September newsletter will be the only one that will be mailed out.  All other issues will be posted to the MARC website.   This will require a bylaws change as follows:


Phil made a motion that the bylaws be changed as follows:

Delete the following paragraph;


 Article 1 B 6

Publish a quarterly newsletter to be electronically mailed to all members, all coordinated repeater trustees, all Great Lakes area coordinators, and the ARRL Section Manager for the State of Michigan. Also mailed via USPS to all current members when requested, listing information which may be of concern to them, such as: new repeaters coordinated during the previous quarter; disputes or interference problems which are currently known; and the date, time, and place of the next meeting of the MARC.

Insert new paragraph as a replacement:

Article 1 B 6

Publish a quarterly newsletter to be electronically posted to the MARC Web Site. A notification of a new newsletter will be emailed to all members, all coordinated repeater trustees, all Great Lakes area coordinators, and the ARRL Section Manager for the State of Michigan. The date, time, and place of the next meeting of the MARC will be included in the newsletter. The September issue will be USPS mailed to all who request it. 

Motion supported by Jim, KB8IFE.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken, motion carried.  MARC members in good standing will have 30 days to respond to this proposed change.  

A vote to change this bylaw by the membership will take place at the September meeting. 

New business: 


Dennis stated that we need a nomination committee needs to be formed.  The committee will consist of non-running officers.  The nominations will be for VP, Treasurer and Board Member.  Elections will take place at the September meeting.


Dennis brought to the membership the proposed by-laws change from the March 3, 2007 meeting:





Date:  Saturday, June 2, 2007  1:00 PM

Place:  Hudsonville Fairgrounds IRA Hamfest




President:  Dennis Gaboury, W8DFG

Vice President:  Jim Maike, KB8IFE

Secretary:  Ann Manor, KT8F

Treasurer:  Dave Johnson, WD8DJB

Director:  Ron Gordon, W8YUC

Director:  Jim Kvochick, WB8AZP

Coordinator:  Dan Thompson, N8WKM

Coordinator:  Phil Manor, W8IC


Database Manager:  Dave Johnson, WD8DJB

Newsletter Editor:  Dan Thompson, N8WKM


Absent:  Ron Gordon W8YUC


Four visitors in attendance.


Meeting called to order by the President at:  1:04 PM.


Minutes from previous meeting read by Ann, KT8F.   Motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter made by Jim, KB8IFE, supported by Dave, WD8DJB, motion carried.


Treasurer’s report provided by Dave Johnson, WD8DJB.  Motion to accept the report made by Dan, N8WKM, supported by Phil, W8IC, motion carried.


Old business:


Discussion on D-star and digital coordinations.   


Jim, KB8IFE made a motion that the 20-mile separation be increased to 50 miles for adjacent splinter channel digital to analog spacing in Resolution #11. Seconded by Phil, W8IC.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken, motion carried. 


Phil, W8IC made a motion that we change the wording of Resolution #11,  as follows:


Delete the words “using the D-Star format” and adding “similar to P-25 and D-Star and using standard off-sets.” in the first sentence. 


ARTICLE II - Membership and Dues


F.  While in office a voting member of the Board will be exempt from paying annual dues during their term in office.


Vote taken, the proposed change was defeated. 


Jim, KB8IFE reported on the coordinations he has made on the 440 mHz band.


Dan discussed some ideas that he has regarding backlogs and paper repeaters. 


Phil stated that Resolution # 4 and 5# from 2004 need to be moved into the bylaws as they will expire under the DOG if no action is taken.


Dan moved that we vote to place Resolution #4 under the DOG as currently written into the bylaws, seconded by Phil, W8IC.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken.  Motion carried.


Dan moved that we also place Resolution #5 into the bylaws, seconded by Jim, KB8IFE, vote taken, motion carried.  These will be brought to the membership for a vote in September. 


Discussion regarding packet digital repeaters.  MARC does not coordinate packet digital repeaters at this time. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Dan, and 2nd by Jim, KB8IFE at:  2:20 PM.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully submitted,

Ann Manor, KT8F, Recording Secretary

Meeting Location:    

 September 8, 2007  1:00 pm

 Delta Township Fire Station

 811 N. Canal Rd.

 Lansing, MI






Directions:   Take I-96 to M-43 exit 93, go East to the first traffic light at Canal Rd.

                         Turn left (North) on Canal Rd, go 150' to Administration Dr turn left (West), the new fire station will

                         be on your right. Take the first driveway on the right to the West parking lot.  Enter the building at the

                         South entrance on Administration Dr.



MARC Officers                                                     Appointed Positions:

President:           Dennis Gaboury W8DFG

Frequency Coordinator 902MHz & up        Dan Thompson  N8WKM

Vice President:   Jim Maike KB8IFE

Frequency Coordinator 440MHz & down:  Dennis Gaboury  W8DFG

Secretary:           Ann Manor  KT8F

Frequency Coordinator Links & Control:    Phil Manor  W8IC

Treasurer:           Dave Johnson  WD8DJB

Database Manager:                                       Dave Johnson  WD8DJB

Director:             Ron Gordon W8YUC

Newsletter Editor                                          Dan Thompson  N8WKM

Director:             James Kvochick WB8AZP



All MARC officers receive email using their callsign@miarc.com



Absentee Ballot


This ballot was supposed to have information about

offices that would be up for vote this year. Unfortunately

the information was not given to me by the elected board

member responsible for this.


To the best of my knowledge the officers that are up for

election are Vice President, Director, and Treasurer.





If you do wish to send in an absentee ballot, please simply

send in your vote via US Postal mail or send it along with

someone else who will be attending the September meeting.

All absentee ballots should arrive in a sealed envelope and

should include your name and callsign. Only members in

good standing for at least 30 days prior to the meeting may vote

in the election.