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December 2004




A short note from the Prez


First of all I would like to extend our condolence to Bruce N8UT on the loss of his Dad and Sister both within in a couple of months of each other.


The Standards and Procedures committee has been pretty much inactive with Bruce taking care of personal business, plus his work environment getting busy. We hope to be back on track here very shortly.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Database Manager Dave Johnson, for all the many hours that he has put in for this council. Not only does he processes the renewals for the TDSs that are sent in, he also is our webmaster and manages our current website. At the present time, Dave is working on a new website, so that we can move on and serve the Amateur radio community in a more efficient manner. More information will be given at the December meeting in Lapeer.


As of press time, I am still waiting on confirmation for our March location, which I hope will be in Cadillac. Hopefully, I will know at the upcoming meeting. Also, we will establish the schedule for the rest of the year.


Remember, TDSs are due yearly, but can go up to two years. But, as I explained at the September meeting, the ARRL must receive its data from MARC by January 15 2005 for it to make the repeater directory. TDS data that is in excess of 3 years will not be submitted to the ARRL for publishing in the directory. Please help keep your information current in our Data Base.


If anyone has any questions, you can reach the Board via of the website, or my phone number is 586-465-7126. For those of making the meeting on the December 5th, Ill see you there.




Dennis, W8DFG




Dues Due..


This committee has begun work on the MARC

This months meeting marks the final MARC meeting

for the year and along with that the close of another fiscal year. This of course means that dues will need to be paid as of January 2005.


There is a membership form in this newsletter

including the MARC mail address and all of the information that is needed for sending in your annual renewal. Please look it over carefully

and be sure to let us know if you can receive the newsletter electronically.

Note From the Editor

The new MARC website is now online at:

http://www.miarc.com. Dave Johnson has been

working on this site during the past few months

and hopes to make some improvements that will

aide in the coordination process.


With this change we are also moving the MARC

email away from the yahoo groups and moving

on to the new domain. General email correspondence through email should now be sent

to mail@miarc.com.


In other news, recent resolutions have allowed us

to publish this document via electronic means

where specified. This saves time and expenses for

those involved in publishing of this newsletter.

If you are able to view this newsletter online

you are urged to notify the database manager or include this information with your annual renewal. If you need to have the newsletter sent to you via US Postal Mail we will still be sending it out via traditional methods.


On another note, due to the double duty load placed on the treasurer at this time the financial report will not appear in this newsletter. It will be made available at the December 5th meeting.









Minutes December Meeting

Lansing, MI


Minutes from MARC Meeting Sept 12, 2004

Meeting called to order by President Dennis Gaboury at 1:00 PM.


A Quorum was present. Vice President, Bruce Winchell and Treasurer, Kelly Karpp were absent.


The Minutes from the June meeting where read by Secretary, Jeff Skurda. Changes to previous meeting date: meeting was held on June 6th. A motion to amend the past meeting minutes was made by Phil Manor and seconded by Dan Thompson. Dan Thompson made a motion to approve the past meeting minutes as amended and was seconded by Walt Vangorp, motion passed.


Dennis Gaboury gave treasurers report, motion to accept as read made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Ron Gordon, motion passed.


No Correspondence.


Old Business:

Tony Newton addressed the council as to the status of his request for coordination. His request has been submitted for three years. Dan Thompson explained the backlog in 440 repeater coordinations. Dennis Gaboury stated that he would send Kelly Karpp an e-mail requesting Kelly send Randy a status of his position on the list. Dennis continued to explain the causes of the back up and would look into prioritizing the request as it involves Skywarn/Races usage.

Dave Johnson gave a report that he has been progressing on the new website.

Dennis Gaboury and Dan Thompson reported that the proposed by-law changes to standards were not completed for discussion at this meeting and would be prepared for the December meeting.


New Business:

Dennis called for elections of officers. Bruce Winchell was nominated for President by membership at the meeting; Dave Thompson was nominated for Board of Directors by membership at the meeting and declined. Sam Nabkey and Walt Vangorp were nominated for Board of Directors at the meeting. Ballots were collected by Dennis Gaboury and verified by Ron Gordon and Dave Johnson. Election results tallied, results for 2005 are: Dennis Gaboury-President, incumbent Jeff Skurda-Secretary, Board of Directors-Walt Vangorp.



Dennis explained that the ARRL must receive its data from MARC by January 15 2005 for it to make the repeater directory. TDS data that is in excess of 3 years will not be submitted to the ARRL for publishing in the directory.

A discussing for the MARC to purchase an organization owned laptop for database management was opened. Audience agreed to set limit at $1200 and MARC property. A motion was made to approve the purchase by Walt Vangorp and seconded by Russell Beutler, motion passed. Dan Thompson made a motion to amend, new or used. George Schutte seconded, motion passed.

A discussion was opened as to the necessity of an area on the web site for hams to submit information on known non-coordinated repeaters in operation as to assist in coordination process. Dave Johnson stated until web page availability simply to e-mail the data to MARC at miarc@yahoogroups.com.


A discussion was opened as to veer from the 100/120-mile separation to actual coverage due to topographic conditions. Dan Thompson explained that under the current by-laws, stated radius, would have to be changed to use propagation software and that interference concerns and pls would be an issue. The discussion was table until further information gathering is available.

With no further business to conduct, a motion to adjourn was made by George Schutte, seconded by Ron Gordon, motion passed.


Meeting closed at 2:45pm.


Minutes taken by Jeff Skurda, Secretary



Election Results


President: Dennis Gaboury W8DFG

Secretary: Jeff Skurda N8XN

Director: Walt VanGorp WD8RCH






MARC Board of Directors



Dennis Gaboury


P.O. Box 463148

Mt. Clemens, MI 48046

Vice President

R. Bruce Winchell


5354 Baker Rd
Bridgeport, MI 48722


Jeff Skurda


5130 W Tothill Cir
Sterling Heights, MI 48310


Kelly F. Karpp


PO Box 127

Oscoda, MI 48750


Walt Van Gorp


Not yet available


Ron Gordon


7172 Sharp Rd.

Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Frequency Coordinator

902 Up

Dan Thompson


1844 126TH Ave

Hopkins, MI 49328

Frequency Coordinator

440 Down

Kelly F. Karpp


PO Box 127

Oscoda, MI 48750

Database Manager

Dave Johnson


2266 E. Vermontville Hwy

Charlotte, MI 48813

Newsletter Editor

Dan Thompson


1844 126TH Ave

Hopkins, MI 49328


The Next meeting is December 5, 2004 meeting at 1pm.


Meeting Location:

Location: Lapeer Elks

200 E. Nepessing Rd.

Lapeer, MI

Directions: Exit I-69 at #154, Lapeer Rd. (US24)

Go north on Lapeer Rd (Changes name to Main St) to Genesee Rd, turn right.

Genesee Rd to N. Saginaw St, turn left.

N. Saginaw St to E. Nepessing Rd, turn right.

Travel on E. Nepessing Rd approximately 1/8 of a mile to 200 E. Nepessing Rd.

  Elks located in back of buildings facing road.