December 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the MARC Newsletter a publication of the Michigan Area Repeater Council. This news letter is published quarterly in conjunction with the quarterly business meetings. If you prefer a non-columnized version of this newsletter click here for the wide version.

Please notice the instructions for the December electronic meeting.

Presidentís Update:

MARC is moving along nicely as far as cleaning up the database. You might receive a notice from Bob, N8ZCC asking you to update your coordination if you are late on your update, have not updated your provisional coordination to a final coordination, or returned the coordinated frequency to the pool. Please respond to Bobís request, as it is the trusteeís duty to keep the coordination updated or returned to the frequency pool.

There were no changes to the MARC board in September. Thank you to those volunteers that are donating their time to Michigan repeater coordination.

A basic breakdown of MARC jobs at this time:

Phil, W8IC, president and coordinator for 70 cm, 2 m, 6m, and 10 meters.
Dan, N8WKM, Vice president, coordinator for 220Mhz and 900 and above, newsletter editor and programmer.
Ann, KT8F, recording secretary.
Dave, WD8DJB, treasurer, database manager, programmer.
Jeff, KB8SXK, board member, cross coordination requests from other states.
Bob, N8ZCC, board member, coordinations compliance
Jim, K8JK, board member, new coordination check and MINO issue.

All are available by email at their was not available.

I have seven applications on my waiting list for 2 meters and 440. Also one active application and numerous finals to issue as provisional updates are being submitted for final coordination.

73, Phil W8IC


Electronic Meeting Information:

The December 2, meeting is an Electronic Meeting at 1:00pm!


Use this ONLY if you are only using the phone.
Dial In Number:    641-715-0663
Access Code:      384775#
   1. Dial into bridge using Dial In Number
   2. Enter Event ID
   3. If the meeting organizer is already present,
        you'll be connected. If not, you'll be
        placed on hold until the organizer appears.

WEBMEETING & Phone Bridge:

Using your web browser

   1. Activate your Web Browser
   2. Go To
   3. Enter your name and email address
   4. Click the phone icon, you will have a choice to
        select using a telephone or your computer for
        audio if you have speakers and mic.
   5. If you select computer you should connect.
   6. If selecting telephone you will be presented with a number
        to dial and an access code.
   7. When prompted enter the access code followed by the # symbol.
   8. Once the audio connects you will need to press # once again
        and enter the synch code followed by the # symbol.
   9. You should now be connected.

Participation in the webmeeting is only needed for things like slideshow presentations, or use of a whiteboard where someone may need to do an illistration. It also allows us the opportunity to display the actual text of a motion for everyone to read. If you are unable to participate in the webmeeting you may still join in on the phone bridge from wherever you are.

MARC Meeting Minutes

Date: Sept 09, 2017
This meeting was an electronic meeting.


President: Phil Manor, W8IC
Vice President: Dan Thompson, N8WKM
Secretary: Ann Manor, KT8F
Treasurer: Dave Johnson, WD8DJB
*Director: Jim Kvochick, K8JK
Director: Jeff Oberg, KB8SXK
Coordinator: Dan Thompson, N8WKM
Coordinator: Phil Manor, W8IC
Coordinator: Jeff Oberg, KB8SXK
Coordinator: Bob Walchli, N8ZCC
Database Manager: Dave Johnson, WD8DJB
Newsletter Editor: Dan Thompson, N8WKM

*Indicates Absent:
Visitors: None

Note: call signs of board members are not repeated in the minutes as they are listed above.

Please note that though Phil was present for the meeting, Dan presided over the meeting at Phil's request.

Meeting called to order by Phil at: 1:13 PM.

Motion to approve minutes from the June meeting as printed in the September newsletter was made by Dan, seconded by Jeff, vote taken, minutes approved.
Treasurerís report provided by Dave. Motion to approve the report was made by Jeff, seconded by Dan, vote taken, Treasurers report approved..

Old Business:

Elections: Opened.
No new nominations. Jeff made a motion that the secretary cast a unanimous ballot for the incumbents holding the positions of
VP: Dan Thompson, N8WKM;
Director: Jim, K8JK;
Treasurer: Dave, WD8DJB.
Seconded by Dan. Motion passed.

Dan discussed the ARRL/Rfinder directory and database issues. Dan will continue to pursue the issue to work with Rfinder and bring the info and/or agreement to the December meeting. Bob Greenberg, from Rfinder is working on making the arrangement with coordinators more like what was the original agreement with the ARRL..

Dave stated Marc's balance is $4,790.99. He mentioned that he will be needing a new laptop. Dan stated that we will consider a replacement within the next year. Dan made a motion that we authorize Dave to purchase a new backup hard drive at this time. Seconded by Jeff, vote taken, motion passed.

Update on coordination by propagation modeling. Work on the process of the required changes was discussed by Dan.

New Business:

Dave is working with Dan on the MARC database by updating software. This should make updating and changes to the database easier. Hopefully, in the future, others in MARC can update the database, and remove some of the workload of the database manager.

A problem was reported regarding a coordination using the call sign of WC8CLI. This call sign seems to be expired. Bob and Jeff are investigating and may de-coordinate the repeater if this issue is not resolved.


Motion to adjourn made by Jeff, seconded by Ann, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 2:42 PM.

Note: The next meeting will be conducted electronically on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 1:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ann Manor, KT8F, Recording Secretary

Treasurer's Report
For the Period: 08/31/2017 to 11/30/2017

MARC Funds balance on 08/31/2017 was $ 4,790.99
Income for September, October and November was $ 12.86 from dues and interest.
Expenses for September, October and November were $ 249.70 from IX Web Hosting for 1 yr, purchase of a 2 TB backup hard drive, and postage.

MARC Funds balance on 11/30/2017 was $ 4,554.15

Respectfully Submitted,
Dave Johnson, WD8DJB
MARC Treasurer

Supporting Detail

MARC Funds as of 08/31/2017

   Share Acct LMCU
   Checking LMFCU
   Money Market LMCU
Beginning Balance

   Interest Sept, Oct & Nov.

Total Income

   IX Webhosting 1 yr
   Backup Drive

Total Expenses

Marc Funds as of 11/30/2017

   Share Acct LMCU
   Checking LMCU
   Money Market LMCU

Ending Balance







MARC Officers Appointed Positions
President:               Phil Manor W8IC Frequency Coordinator 902MHz: & up          Dan Thompson N8WKM
Vice President:        Dan Thompson N8WKM Frequency Coordinator 440MHz:                 Phil Manor W8IC
Secretary:               Ann Manor KT8F Frequency Coordinator Links & Control:       Phil Manor W8IC
Treasurer:              Dave Johnson WD8DJB Frequency Coordinator:                               Bob Walchli N8ZCC
Director:                 Jeff Oberg KB8SXK Database Manager:                                    Dave Johnson WD8DJB
Director:                 James Kvochick K8JK Newsletter Editor:                                       Dan Thompson N8WKM

All MARC Officers receive email using their