Michigan Area Repeater Council

Web Site: http://www.qsl.net/miarc February, 2000 e-mail: miarc@egroups.com


Next Meeting, Sunday, March 5, 2000, 1 P.M.

East Tawas Fire Hall, East Tawas, Michigan

Directions to the East Tawas Fire Hall: Take US 23 to East Tawas, MI. At the traffic light (US- 23 and Newman) turn left (west) one block to Westover. Turn right (north) one block. Please use the City Parking lot – DO NOT park around the fire hall.

Unapproved Minutes for the Annual General Membership MARC Meeting of, December 5, 1999

The meeting was held at the Bangor, Michigan Township Hall. Meeting called to order by President Kelly Karpp at 1:00 pm.

Board members/coordinator present: K. Karpp, B. Gilbert, D. Oesch, B. Winchell, R. Gordon, J. Goldberg. Forty-five MARC members also present. Introductions of all present were made.

Treasurer’s Report: Previous balance $1765.35

Balance as of 12/1/99 2141.53

Additional funds rec’d 240.00 Total $2354.53

We have had 51 new members signed up. Expenses for the last period $594.16 Approximate cost for Newsletter mailing of hard copy to all members would be $1310.00. We need a place on our forms to ask if member e-mail address is correct. Motion to approve report by J. Goldberg, second by R. Gordon. Motion approved.

Minutes for the 9/11/99 meeting were read by B. Winchell. Correction: W8DFG, Dennis Gaboury ran against Ron Gordon for Director. Motion to approve by W8DFG, second by D. Oesch. Motion passed.

Coordinator Reports:

2 meters and down by B. Gilbert. Working on 6 meter application.

220 and up by B. Winchell. Completed 1-220. 1-440 ready to go.

Data Base: 98% current (repeaters). Links and controls are 68% completed. Future Newsletters will contain details of coordinations.

Letter from Ray, W8HVG, read to group.

Old Business:

No vote taken on by-law revision proposed in Newsletter due to failure to meet 30 day advance notice.

Dennis Gaboury volunteered to fill Secretary position. No action taken.

B. Chesney, N8SA, USECA repeater trustee, read a position paper to the assembled. This was followed by a discussion. K. Karpp informed him that this issue was turned over to the FCC for their action.

New Business:

Motion by KC8IAQ to send membership cards to all members stating when their dues were paid. Second by B. Winchell. Motion passed. This item will appear in next Newsletter as a ballot item.

K. Karpp announced that he wanted to form a committee to review MARC By-laws and Standards and to make recommendations for change. The committee to be made up of two members from each quadrant, but only one member from an organization represented in MARC. Committee members must have e-mail capabilities. Any recommendations from this committee would be presented to the board for their review, followed by presentation to the membership for their vote. An announcement will be made in the Newsletter for applicants.

Motion by B. Winchell to form a study committee to meet K. Karpp’s . Seconded by W8DFG. Motion passed.

We will set up an e-mail site for those members who want to communicate with each other on any MARC related items. Motion by W1IK, second by N8SIH. Motion passed.

Also, announcement will be made in Newsletter for people to fill the Secretary position.

Letter read by W8HVG regarding Annual Reports.

Motion to adjourn by D. Oesch. Second by J. Goldberg. Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted, Joel Goldberg, W8HIU, Acting Secretary

From The Presidents Desk


A Certified letter was sent to USECA President (Debbi Cokewell, KB8YYB) and the repeater trustee (William Chesney, N8SA) stating their repeater will not be considered for re-coordination until the original coordination requirements of a District Class, can be complied with.


No vote was taken on the By-law revision as we did not allow the required time for, or request comments on the motion to be read prior to a vote. Attempting to rectify this please note the timeliness of this newsletter. The vote will be for adding the words "or Sunday" to Article VI - Membership Meetings, Section A - Annual Meeting to read as follows.

[The Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Saturday or Sunday following the first Monday of September of each year.] [Change is underlined]

If you have comments on the requested modification of the By-laws please E-mail to miarc@egroups.com or USPS to MARC Inc. PO Box 127, Oscoda Mi. 48750 Prior to March 03, 2000. Received comments will be read to members in attendance, prior to the vote. Absentee ballots will be provided at the end of this newsletter and must be received by MARC Inc. at the address on this newsletter no later than Saturday, Mar 4th. 2000.


I have proposed MARC Inc. form a committee to study the existing By-laws and Standards. This committee will be charged with making recommendations to the MARC Board of directors. This proposed committee should be comprised of eight (8) current members, Two (2) from each quadrant of the State, who have access to and regularly utilize E-mail resources, with no more than one (1) representative from any individual group or organization If you are interested in helping MARC in this endeavor please send an E-mail reply stating your interest to miarc@egroups.com.


WATT Y2K WORRIES?. Let’s all have a happy and harmonious new millennium.

Kelly Karppp KB8RWG, President MARC Inc.

ARRL Repeater Directory

July 15, 2000 is the deadline for information to be submitted for inclusion in the 2001 ARRL Repeater Directory. Please see that all of the information you want included in this next issue is in our hands by this date.

Board Secretary: This position will remain unfilled until the next election in September. The reason for this is that we had a multitude of applicants and felt that, due to the short term of office remaining, it would be better to wait for the election to fill this position. In the meantime, Joel Goldberg will continue to act as Secretary.


Dues Reminder:

Just a reminder that the traditional time that MARC dues are paid is January of each year. The dues are for the calendar year and do not carry over into the following year. Dues are still only $15 per year and are payable to MARC through our Treasurer Dave Oesch. (See form at the end of the Newsletter.)

Check the mailing label on this Newsletter or the September Newsletter (which was hard-copied to everyone) for the date we last received dues from you. If you don't have the information, e-mail Bruce at n8ut@area-ham.org and he will tell you when we last received dues from you.



From the Treasurer:

At the present time we have $2,767.71 in the bank. Most of it is from last years dues, and the board’s ability to get the newsletters copied at no charge and using E-mail as much as possible. At the present time we have 33 paid members for the year 2000. Please remember to place your name, address, phone number, call and E-mail on all dues. I am in the process of sending out postcards to all paid memberships received after January of 2000.

Thanks for your support and I will see you at the East Tawas meeting in March.

Dave Oesch N8BIT





Dear Board,

I am so pleased to see you are following through with the plan to have

the meeting in a different quadrant each quarter. Let's see, Last

meeting was in Northeast Quadrant, and OH! Look! This meeting is in

Tawas......Northeast Quadrant....OH Darn, must have looked at the wrong

map with that one. HA! But where do most of the board members

live....Right Again....Northeast.....I think I see a pattern......OH

well, the members are only here to do the bidding of the all-powerful,

all-knowing board!

As an aside, the USECA will be in full splendor at the meeting in APRIL

regardless where you hold it. We have members with vacation places all

over the state to use while chasing the ever-elusive.....well not

really....MARC meeting.







Membership dues for year 2000 are to be paid by January 1, 2000. Please include the following form (or information) with your payment.

Name______________________ Call ____________ E-MAIL ___________________

Address _____________________________ City, ZIP _______________________________

Phone ______________________ Make your check payable to MARC.

Dues are to be sent to: Dave Oesch, N8BIT, 4585 Green Meadow Lane, White Lake, MI 48383 (248) 887-6639 E-mail questions to Dave at bit8bit@aol.com



(1) Should the MARC By-Laws be changed to read: The Annual Meeting of the Michigan Area Repeater council shall be held on the first Saturday or Sunday following the first Monday of September of each year. (The words "or Sunday" have been added to the original By-Law working.)

Your Vote: YES [ ] NO [ ]

(2) Should MARC send membership cards to all members when dues are paid?

Your Vote: YES [ ] NO [ ]

Michigan Area Repeater Council Technical Data Sheet

(Instructions are on back of this form) (This form is also found on the MARC Web site)

Action Requested _____ New Coordination _____ Modify Existing Coordination __________ Renewal Update

System Type _____ Repeater _____ One Way Link _____ Two Way Link _____ Multi Location Link

Frequency Information Band: _______ Output Freq.:____________ Input Freq.: __________ Control Freq.: __________

System Status In Operation: ______ Will Be On By: __________ Not Used (return to frequency pool) _______

Sponsorship (Sponsor is the holder of the coordination)

Sponsor: ____________________________ Trustee: _______________________ Station Call: ___________

System Information:

City Identified With System:___________________________________________ Geographic Area Served: _____________________________________________

County (transmitter located): __________________________________________

Location Of Receiver If Different Than Above:___________________________________________________

Coordinates To The Nearest Second: Latitude ________________ Longitude__________________________

Ground Elevation Above Sea Level (AMSL):__________________ Ant Height Above Ground: ____________

Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):_________________________________________________________

Date system was originally coordinated: ______/_______/_______

Michigan Coordination number: ____________ ARRL Coordination number:_____________

Antenna & Power Information

Antenna Gain : ________ dB Omni Or Directional : _______ Bearing Of Ant (if directional) ____________

Power To Antenna: _____________ Watts E.R.P. In Watts : _____________________

Access Mode ______(o) Open ______ ( c ) Closed _____(PL)CTCSS Freq.________ Tone (T) _____ Digital (Y) ______

System Features

A= Autopatch CA= Closed Patch DS= Dual Squelch E= Emergency Power L= Linked

P= Portable System PKT= Digital Packet Capability R/r = RACES A/a = ARES

X= Wide Area (requires Quadrant App) Y= RTTY/ASCII z/Z= Direct Access To Police (911) WX = Weather Net

Your Features : ________________________________________________________________________________

Trustee Information

Name : __________________________________________ Call Sign :_________________________________

Address : _______________ _________________________ City : ____________________________________

State : _________ Zip Code : __________ Day Phone (___)____________ Night (____)__________________

I certify that I have read and agree to abide by the MARC Standards and that the statements

above are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature: ___________________________________________ Date : ______________________________


This form explains how to fill out the MARC TDS form. It does not cover every box/line. This is to be filed only by a licensed amateur radio operator. The person filling out this form should be the Trustee of the repeater. The Trustee normally is the control operator and has sole responsibility for all correspondence with the MARC. This form must be complete and all appropriate boxes checked.


1.Check New Coordination for a frequency not currently assigned to you or when requesting an additional link frequency, to change location, ERP, antenna height, or any other operation that will change the technical parameters of the system. Explain the modification desired in the "Comments" area.

2. Check Modify Existing Coordination for a change in call sign, Trustee, access mode or system features.

3. Check Renewal Update when making the required two-year update of the MARC inc. files

SYSTEM TYPE: Check only one box in this section. Use an individual form for each component such as a transmitter, link, system, or remote receivers.


1. For a New Coordination, indicate the desired band only.

2. All other actions require entering coordinated frequency data.

SYSTEM STATUS: "Will Be On By" enter date only if the system has been off-line for some reason. "Proposed" is only for new coordinations. If system is coordinated and on the air use "Operational".

SPONSORSHIP: The sponsor is the actual holder of the coordination. Enter sponsor name, club or organization.

Trustee enter name and call sign of individual in control of the repeater.

Station Call is the call sign on the repeater ID.


1.Geographic Area Served Please use the 4 quadrant indicator NE, NW, SE, SW given I-75, US-27, & US-127 as the north/south line and 46 as the east/west line.

2. Note Location of Receiver if different from the transmitter location.

3. Coordinates provide the Latitude and Longitude to nearest second . (Required) Entries with double zeros in the seconds position are not acceptable.The AMSL and COORDINATES are derived from a USGS 7 ˝ minute quadrangle map or GPS device.

4. Exact Location: this is the address where the repeater is located.

ANTENNA & POWER INFORMATION: Please note the Power to Antenna does not refer to transmit power out of the transmitter, but to the actual power that reaches the feed point of the antenna. There are significant power losses in duplexers and feed lines. Please calculate these losses.

ACCESS MODE & SYSTEM FEATURES: The letter codes next to each box indicate the coding that will appear in the repeater directory. Check boxes as they apply to your system.

TRUSTEE INFORMATION: Enter information about the person who is responsible for communicating with the MARC. This is usually the Trustee.

CERTIFICATION: This is information about the Trustee, with whom the MARC communicates.

DATE: Please be sure to date this form where indicated.

NOTE if this frequency had been coordinated to another individual, organization or group, a letter of reassignment from the original coordination owner MUST accompany this request form.

COORDINATION PROCESSING FEES: Be sure to include the appropriate Coordination Processing Fee with your TDS if this is an application for a new coordination or re-coordination; do to extensive modifications or a move.


Michigan Area Repeater Council
P.O Box 127
Oscoda, MI 48750



President: Kelly Karpp, KB8RWG
4321 Bamfield Road
Glennie, MI 48737
517) 735-2091

Vice President: Bill Gilbert, K5EKP
3426 E. Sage Lake Road
Lupton, MI 48635
(517) 473-4586

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Dave Oesch, N8BIT
4585 Greenmeadow Lane
White Lake, MI 48383
(248) 887-6639

Director: Joel Goldberg, W8HIU
6762 Red Cedar Lane
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
(248) 360-2092

Director Ron Gordon, W8YUC
7172 Sharp Road
Swartz Creek, MI 48473
(810) 655-6391

Coordinator for 2 Meters & Down:
Bill Gilbert, K5EKP
3426 E. Sage Lake Road
Lupton, MI 48635
(517) 473-4586

Coordinator for 22 & Up and Data Base Manager:
Bruce Winchell, N8UT
5354 Baker Road
Bridgeport, MI 48722
(517) 777-8147