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June 2005



A short note from the Prez……


Our June meeting is being held at the Hudsonville Swap, where this meeting is one of the best attended meetings we have during the course of the year. In accordance with Article X, Paragraph A, Sub-Paragraph 1 of the MARC By-Laws, we will be voting on a Band Plan change for the 900 MHz band.  Currently it is in use under the D.O.G. The propose motion is printed elsewhere in this newsletter. Members have thirty days to send comments to PO Box 463148 Mt. Clemens, MI  48046. Any comments sent will be read at the next meeting.


Thanks to Phil W8IC, we are know caught up with the request for one way links via of submitted TDS’s. Unfortunately, we still have a backlog with 2 meter and 440 requests, but we are looking to resolve this backlog soon.


Please send your dues to Kelly Karpp direct to the Oscoda P.O. Box. If you send it to the general mail P.O. Box in Mt. Clemens, this will only delay the process.


Remember, TDS’s are due yearly, but can go up to two years. Please help keep your information current in our Data Base. We do have some coordination’s that are three years in the red for not submitting a  TDS. According to MARC Standards, If updates (from the system sponsor) are not received a minimum of ONCE PER TWO YEARS, the (M.A.R.C.) Coordinator MAY WITHDRAW THE COORDINATION AUTHORIZATION. About a year and a half ago MARC de-coordinated about 30+ coordination’s. We are in the process of sending out letters again. If you know someone who is behind, please let them know.


Our annual meeting will be in Delta Twp. On September the 11th. Election will take place for Vice-President, Treasurer, and a Director. Our December meeting will be in the Saginaw, Bay City area. If you would like to host this meeting please do get a hold of me to make arrangements.


If anyone has any questions, you can reach the Board via of the website, or my phone number is 586-465-7126. For those of making the meeting on the March 6th, I’ll see you there.




Dennis, W8DFG




Database Managers Notes……..


If you are thinking about moving your repeater, contact us at mail@miarc.com and let us know your proposed location and we will check to see if there are any problems associated with co-channel or adjacent channel repeaters. Better to know in advance before taking on the expense of a move only to find out your repeater cannot be re-coordinated at the new location.


Please take an extra minute or two to fill out your TDS forms accurately and completely. If you need help with coordinates or elevation above sea level, send me an email with the repeater address and nearest intersection and I will look up the information on Microsoft Streets & Trips  and/or Topo USA 4.0 and get back to you.


There has been quite a bit of activity since the March Meeting. You can find a summary of what has been going on at:



Follow the links for the 1st and 2nd Quarter 2005.


Dave Johnson WD8DJB


Treasurers Report

March 05, 2005

Funds on hand:

   Savings:        $3228.28

   Checking:         683.69

Total Funds:    $3911.97



  Dues (12/04 – 03/05): $225.00

  Dividend Savings:        9.91

  Dividend Checking:        .24

Total Income         $235.15

Total Expenses:         0.00

Submitted by Kelly Karpp KB8RWG Treasurer



Minutes, March Meeting

Cadillac, MI


Meeting called to order by President Dennis Gaboury W8DFG at 1:00 PM. A Quorum was present. Secretary Jeff Skurda N8XN was absent.


Dan Thompson N8WKM read the minutes from the December meeting. A motion was made and seconded that the Minutes from the March meeting be approved as printed in the Newsletter, motion passed.


Kelly Karpp KB8RWG read the treasurer’s report, a motion was made to accept the report, seconded followed, no discussion, motion passed.


New Business:


Dan N8WKM made a motion that the By-Laws be amended

to change the 900 MHz Band Plan. The reasons for the amendment is the Band Plan in effect is under the D.O.G. and is due to expire in June. Seconded by Bruce N8UT. A discussion followed. By-laws changes

require a notification prior to the vote, so no vote

could be taken at this meeting. The following is the

motion that was placed on the floor:



The purpose of this section is to place a uniform and specific written documentation concerning coordination and cooperation in the use of the 33cm spectrum as allocated to the Amateur Radio by the FCC in accordance with the statements made in                                                                     Article I of the MARC By-Laws.


Frequencies Covered:

902.0000 MHz to 928.0000 MHz


Overview of Frequency Utilization:


902.0000 – 902.2875 SSTV, FAX, ACSSB, Experimental

902.2125 – 902.9875 FM Repeater inputs (25 MHz duplex

                    split, 12.5 KHz spacing)

903.0000 – 903.0500 EME Exclusive

903.0700 – 903.0800 CW Beacons

903.1000           CW, SSB Calling Frequency

903.4000 – 903.6000 Cross Band Linear Translator          


903.6000 – 903.8000 Cross Band Linear Translator


903.8000 – 904.0000 Experimental Beacons Exclusive

904.0000 – 906.0000 Digital Communications

906.0000 – 907.0000 Narrow Band FM Simplex (25 KHz


906.5000           National Calling Frequency

906.7000 – 910.0000 FM Repeater Inputs 5KHz

                    modulation (12MHz split)

910.0000 – 912.0000 Narrowband Simplex Repeater Links

912.0000 – 916.0000 ATV

916.0000 – 918.0000 Digital Communications

918.0000 – 919.0000 Narrowband FM Control 

                    Links/Remote Bases

919.0000 – 922.0000 FM Repeater Outputs







927.0125 – 927.9875 Auxiliary Simplex Link   


927.2125 – 927.4625 Auxiliary FM Duplex Link Input

                    Frequency Pairs

927.4875 – 927.7250 FM Repeater Outputs (25 MHz

                    duplex split, 12.5 KHz spacing)

927.7375 – 927.7875 FM Voice Simplex Channels

922.0000 – 928.0000 Wideband Experimental ATV,

                    Simplex, Spread Spectrum





The following is criteria to be met for the coordination of repeaters in the 33cm band. Repeater frequencies must fit into the band plan as stated

above. Repeater owner/Trustee must comply with rules concerning TDS submission as stated in the MARC By-Laws.


Co-Channel Protection Distance:

No repeater shall be given a protection distance of more than 50 miles without a study clearly showing the need for such. This study can be done using methods outlined elsewhere in this document.


The protection distance of a coordinated repeater may  be less than 50 mile, but shall not exceed 50 miles without a propagation study indicating the need for additional protection distance.


Adjacent Channel Protection:

Repeaters using adjacent channels shall have a minimum physical distance between transmitters. This distance shall be determined by using half the

distance of the Protection Radius of the repeater with the largest protection distance.


Coverage Prediction Study:

Coverage prediction shall be done in one of three ways.

  1: Accept the minimum protection radius as the 

     maximum coverage area.

  2: True coverage area study done with calibrated

     test equipment.

  3: Approved software designed to provide coverage



Coverage area is to be defined as an average distance of coverage from the repeater transmitter based on a signal of at least –110 dBm in 75% of locations75% of the time. This translate roughly to a signal that is useable by an average user listening to a voice repeater in a mobile situation with a radio of average receive capability (roughly 0.3 microvolts).


Other New Business:


Dave WD8DJB asked for approval of a back-up hard drive. Dan N8WKM made a motion , seconded by Ron W8YUC, discussion followed, motion passed.







Other new business continued:


It was brought up on the floor concerning a problem with slow reimbursement to Dan for the printing of the newsletter. Walt WD8RCH made a motion, seconded by Ron W8YUC,  that we get a Debit Card for Dan to use. Discussion followed, motion passed.


Mark AB8MS brought up a co-channel problem between Grand Rapids and Chicago, discussion followed. It was suggested that they compile documentation before any action was taken.


The June meeting is to be held in Hudsonville at the IRA Hamfest on the June 4th.

With no further business to conduct a motion was made by Ron W8YUC, seconded by Walt WD8RCH to adjourn the meeting at 1:55 PM, motion passed.


Minutes taken by R. Bruce Winchell, Vice-President/Coordinator

Typed by Dennis Gaboury, President


Editors Note:



The June meeting has traditionally become the

largest MARC meeting of the year. There are several

reasons for this, but this meeting takes place on

a Saturday and has been hosted by the IRA at the



The IRA puts on a very nice hamfest with activities

on Friday evening as well as the hamfest on Saturday.

This becomes an advantage to all involved and we

hope that this meeting is well attended.


There are several important issues that will be

open for discussion at this meeting and this is a

good chance for your voice to be heard.







MARC Board of Directors


Dennis Gaboury


P.O. Box 463148

Mt. Clemens, MI 48046

Vice President

R. Bruce Winchell


5354 Baker Rd
Bridgeport, MI 48722


Jeff Skurda


5130 W Tothill Cir
Sterling Heights, MI 48310


Kelly F. Karpp


PO Box 127

Oscoda, MI  48750


Walt Van Gorp


Not yet available


Ron Gordon


7172 Sharp Rd.

Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Frequency Coordinator

902 Up

Dan Thompson


1844 126TH Ave

Hopkins, MI 49328

Frequency Coordinator

440 Down

Kelly F. Karpp


PO Box 127

Oscoda, MI  48750

Database Manager

Dave Johnson


2266 E. Vermontville Hwy

Charlotte, MI 48813

Newsletter Editor

Dan Thompson


1844 126TH Ave

Hopkins, MI 49328


The Next meeting is Saturday June 4, 2004 at 1pm.


Meeting Location: 


   Location:    I.R.A. Hamfest                                  More information on the hamfest can be found at:

                       Hudsonville Fairgrounds                   http://www.w8hvg.org

                       Hudsonville, MI


   Directions:  Follow I-196 (The Ford Freeway) (do not confuse this with I-96) to exit 62 (32nd Ave).

                        Go North on 32nd Ave to New Holland Street. Follow New Holland ½ mile to 36th Ave.

                        Turn North on 36th and continue past Chicago Drive and the Railroad Tracks to Grant St.

                        Turn Left (West) on to Grant street to Park Avenue. Go South (right) on Park to Fairgrounds

                  Entrance. Talk in will be available on 147.160 Repeater.