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March 2005




A short note from the Prez……


I have had some feedback from a couple of the Trustee’s concerning about the location of our meetings.  While we had the December Meeting in the Lapeer area at the Lapeer Elks, the question came up why we did not contact his group to host the meeting. The answer: we move the meeting around the state and have mentioned in what quadrant of the state where we would like to hold the meeting in. Never have we received a request, out side of the Cherryland and IRA groups, to host a meeting. We have made phone calls around in the quadrant, but have always come up short. Please, if you see a notice in the newsletter, or website that we are looking for a location, do give us a call or send us e-mail.

Also, it was brought up about advance notice so one may attend. Like I mentioned earlier, we do try to set up the locations a year in advance. Sometime this does not always work. Just remember that we hold quarterly meetings on the first Sunday of the month of March, June, and December. The month of September this is our Annual Meeting held in the Lansing area on the Sunday following Labor Day. All meetings start promptly at 1:00 PM. Please leave these dates open and plan on attending.


The Standards and Procedures committee still has been pretty much inactive. We hope to be back on track here very shortly.


A reminder that dues were payable on January 1. Please send your dues direct to Kelly Karpp direct to the Oscoda P.O. Box. If you send it to the general mail P.O. Box in Mt. Clemens, this will only delay the process.


Remember, TDS’s are due yearly, but can go up to two years. Please help keep your information current in our Data Base.


The March meeting will be at the Cadillac Elks on S. Mitchell St. Map is on the website. The June Meeting will be held on Saturday June 4th at the IRA Hudsonville Swap. Our annual meeting will be in Delta Twp. On September 11th. Election will take place for Vice-President, Treasurer, and a Director.


If anyone has any questions, you can reach the Board via of the website, or my phone number is 586-465-7126. For those of making the meeting on the March 6th, I’ll see you there.




Dennis, W8DFG




Database Managers Notes……..


Please take an extra minute or two to fill out your TDS forms accurately and completely. If you need help with coordinates or elevation above sea level, send me an email with the repeater address and nearest intersection and I will look up the information on Microsoft Streets & Trips  and/or Topo USA 4.0 and get back to you.

There has been quite a bit of activity since the December Meeting. You can find a summary of what has been going on at:


Follow the links for the 4th Quarter 2004 and 1st Quarter 2005.


The 2005 ARRL Repeater Directory went to press on January 15, 2005 with the MARC data as of 01/10/05.


Dave Johnson WD8DJB



Note From the Editor

The by-laws committee is still working on ways

to make changes that will improve the ability

of MARC to coordinate repeaters. Some of the changes that have been discussed over the past meetings are the ability to shorten the spacing between co-channel repeaters (repeaters that share the same frequency. Other things that have been talked about are the use of software to predict coverage of a proposed repeater.

MARC has been looking for input as we work toward implementing these changes. Your participation at meetings only serves to help the board to make good decisions, and allows you to have input on the changes that are made.

For those that are unable to attend meetings that take place on Sunday, MARC tries to have at least one meeting each year that falls on a Saturday as well as having contact through email via the email address that is listed at the beginning of this newsletter. This year, once again, the June meeting is planned to take place immediately following the IRA Hamfest.






Minutes, December Meeting

LaPeer, MI


Minutes from MARC Meeting Dec 05, 2004

Meeting called to order by President Dennis Gaboury at 1:00 PM.


A Quorum was present. Secretary Jeff Skurda was absent.


 The Minutes from the September meeting where read by President, Dennis Gaboury.


Treasurers report read: Kelly Karpp

Motion to accept: George Schutte K8GEO

Seconded by: Phil W8IC

Motion carried:


New business:


   Dave Johnson gave rundown of what was purchased to fulfill the vote taken to supply the Database Manager with a laptop computer for use in the duties of the Database Manager.

Cost total was $1279.00 for computer with

added AV software, Dr Zip software and a mouse.


Motion to accept costs overrun on DB mgr computer and reimburse Dave Johnson for costs by: George K8GEO

Seconded by Ann Manor KT8F

Motion Carried:


DB managers report:

Dave Johnson

Report included information including that the MARC website as been moved to www.miarc.com. Also included was information concerning the way that the website was working and about the

new email addresses and services.


Dave also reported that the new company hosting the website is Existhost.com and has a cost of $78/yearly. Dave also reported that the Domain Name Renewal was paid.


Dave also indicated that the deadline for TDS renewals for inclusion in the 2005 ARRL Repeater directory is Dec 31.








New Business:

Discussion of Kelly's computer problems slowing down the clearing of the Backlog of TDS and new requests.


A suggestion made to have the assistant

coordinators start doing the coordination for link frequencies to help relieve pressure

on Kelly. Dan Thompson will take care of 220 MHZ backlog.


Dan Thompson N8WKM presented information regarding the 900MHz DOG and the thoughts and suggestions of the 900MHz DOG committee.

Discussion and questions followed concerning the implementation of a change to the

By-Laws for the 900MHz band plan.


No motion was made at this time, however a resolution to take the time to bring the motion to the membership to change the By-laws of MARC concerning the band plan and coordination of repeaters in the 33cm band at the next meeting.

It was also noted that under these conditions, the earliest possible vote on this issue would be June meeting.


Kelly Karp introduced discussion asking for a resolution on how to respond to surrounding states who are using frequencies that we coordinate as links as repeater frequencies. Kelly has had some communication with surrounding states. The board has determined that requests for NOPC from surrounding

states for repeaters that fall outside of our repeater frequency guidelines will be answered with an objection to coordination.


Questions were asked by John Teagardin AA8UU concerning link frequency coordination. John was given some advice on going about having additional link frequencies coordinated.



2:15pm Ron Gordon motioned for adjournment

Seconded by Dennis Gaboury

Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned


Minutes taken by Dan Thompson w/corroboration by Dennis Gaboury.



MARC Board of Directors



Dennis Gaboury


P.O. Box 463148

Mt. Clemens, MI 48046

Vice President

R. Bruce Winchell


5354 Baker Rd
Bridgeport, MI 48722


Jeff Skurda


5130 W Tothill Cir
Sterling Heights, MI 48310


Kelly F. Karpp


PO Box 127

Oscoda, MI  48750


Walt Van Gorp


Not yet available


Ron Gordon


7172 Sharp Rd.

Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Frequency Coordinator

902 Up

Dan Thompson


1844 126TH Ave

Hopkins, MI 49328

Frequency Coordinator

440 Down

Kelly F. Karpp


PO Box 127

Oscoda, MI  48750

Database Manager

Dave Johnson


2266 E. Vermontville Hwy

Charlotte, MI 48813

Newsletter Editor

Dan Thompson


1844 126TH Ave

Hopkins, MI 49328


The Next meeting is March 6, 2004 at 1pm.

Meeting Location:    

   Location: Cadillac Elks

                     122 ½ S. Mitchell St.

                     Cadillac, MI

   Directions: From the South take US131 to Bus-131 (Exit 177, Mitchell St) to downtown Cadillac.

                       From the East take M-55 (E Division and E Cass to Bus-131 (Mitchell St) and turn right,

                       (Phone # 231-775-5331) 

                       Park in the lot behind building. Entrance to Elks can be made from public parking area behind store fronts.