Michigan Area Repeater Council
Meeting Minutes  

September 9, 2006








Date: 9/9/06


Meeting Place:  Delta Twp. Fire Dept




President:  Dennis Gaboury, W8DFG

Vice President:  Jim Maike, KB8IFE

Secretary:  Ann Manor, KT8F

Treasurer:  Dave Johnson, WD8DJB

Director:  Ron Gordon, W8YUC

Director:  Jim Kvochick, WB8AZP

Coordinator:  Dan Thompson, N8WKM*

Coordinator:  Phil Manor,W8IC




Meeting called to order by the President at:  1:00 PM


Minutes from previous meeting  read by Ann, KT8F.   Motion to accept the  minutes as amended (call sign correction) in the newsletter made by Jim, KB8IFE and  2nd by Jim, WB8AZP, motion carried.


Treasurer’s report provided by Dave Johnson, WD8DJB.  Motion to accept the report made by Phil, W8IC and 2nd by Ann, KT8F, motion carried.


No mail received.  One absentee ballot received.


Old business: None


New business: 


Dave made a motion requesting permission to purchase an upgrade for  the AskSam program, 2nd by Jim WBAZP.  Discussion, motion carried. 


Question from the floor:  regarding the coordination process – time involved in processing the coordinations.   Dennis stated that we had a backlog of 6 years going back to a time when no coordinations took place for various reasons.  We are currently up to the year 2003.   In about 3 months, we should be caught up on 2 meters and 440. Six meters,220 and 900 are all up to date.  Out of state requests are now caught up and going out on time. Discussion re:  coordination using propagation programs, possibly using waivers. Some repeaters are not on the air.  These should be reported to MARC with specific information so that they can be investigated. Other coordination guidelines  were discussed. 


Elections:  nominations opened for the positions of President, Secretary and Director.  No new nominations offered.  Jim, KB8IFE made a motion to close the nominations and have the secretary cast a unanimous ballot to re-elect

Dennis, W8DFG as President, Ann KT8F as Secretary, and Ron, W8YUC as director.   2nd by Jim WB8AZP, motion carried. 


Phil read:    article 3 B-7 in the Bylaws for the proposed bylaw change as published in the newsletter:   that  the following line  should be struck from B-7 in the bylaws.  “If four (coordinators) are appointed, one shall be responsible for coordination activities regarding two meters and down and the other shall be responsible for coordination activities above two meters in the ARS allocated frequencies.”   No correspondence received regarding this matter.


Vote taken, passed.


Phil read:    Article from the Bylaws under  Standards 1 F-1. and from Procedures Article 3 Par B for the proposed bylaw change as published in the newsletter: Under MARC standards Article I paragraph F-1: If updates by submitting a Technical Data Sheet (from the system sponsor) are not received a minimum of once every two years the (MARC) coordinator may withdraw the Co-ordination Authorization. 


Under MARC procedures, Article 3, paragraph B:  Technical Data Sheet.  It is the responsibility of the repeater trustee to examine and edit as necessary the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to reflect the operating parameters of the repeater system.  Failure to file the TDS by it’s due date may result in an incorrect or omitted entry in the ARRL repeater directory.  Failure to file a TDS for two consecutive years may result in the loss of co-ordination.  The loss of co-ordination will be preceded by a certified letter of intent to revoke the repeater’s co-ordination.  A 30-day response period will be allowed.  The frequency pair thereafter may then be made available for other co-ordination.  

No correspondence received regarding this matter.


Vote taken, passed.


Additional discussion brought from the floor on solutions for cleaning up paper repeaters. (coordinated repeaters which are not on the air).


Dave stated that TDS must be submitted by Dec 31 in order for publication in the 2007 ARRL directory.


Upcoming meetings:

(all on Saturday)


December 2 at the Lapeer Elk’s Club

March 3 at the Bay City Elk’s Club

June 2nd at the Hudsonville IRA swap. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Jim KB8IFE  and 2nd by Ron, W8YUC, motion carried.  Time:  2:06 PM. 


Respectfully submitted,

Ann Manor, KT8F