Michigan Area Repeater Council
Meeting Minutes  

June 3, 2006








Date:  6/3/06


Absent:  Ron Gordon W8YUC.

Meeting called to order at 1:00PM 


Minutes from previous meeting read by Ann, KT8F.   Motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter made by Jim, KB8IFE and 2nd by Dave WD8DJB, motion carried.


Treasurer’s report provided by Dave.  Motion to accept the report made by Jim, KB8IFE and 2nd by Ann, motion carried.


Old business:


Dennis, W8DFG provided an update on repeater co-ordinations. 


Phil, W8IC made a motion to add resolution #9 under the DOG.    


MARC shall require not less 100 miles separation between co-channel repeaters that cross state lines.  This does not include Canada or Upper Michigan.  This distance has been used between Michigan and adjoining states successfully for many years per a “Gentleman’s agreement” which was associated with MAC, the Midwest Affiliated Coordination Council.”  2nd by Jim, KB8IFE, discussion followed, motion carried.


New business: 


Dennis – a nomination committee should be formed for the upcoming elections.  The committee shall consist of the non-running officers:  VP, Treasurer, and Director.


Dennis  stated that we need to clarify the description of the coordinator.   He then read from MARC bylaws article #3 paragraph B-7 regarding coordinator(s) from the bylaws. 


Phil made a motion to change the bylaws as follows:   that  the following line  should be struck from B-7 in the bylaws.  “If four (coordinators) are appointed, one shall be responsible for coordination activities regarding two meters and down and the other shall be responsible for coordination activities above two meters in the ARS allocated frequencies.”  This will provide more flexibility for our

coordinators.  Seconded by Jim, KB8IFE, discussion followed, motion carried.   This matter will be brought to the membership for a vote after the proposed change has been published in the newsletter.    

Dennis and Jim, KB8IFE performed an audit today, and all was in order.



Upcoming meetings:  Delta Fire Dept in Lansing has been secured for the September 9 meeting (on Saturday).  December meeting will be held December 2 (Saturday) at the Lapeer Elk’s club. 


Dennis stated pictures should be taken of the officers and posted on the website. 


As of today, Jim, KB8IFE has volunteered to help coordinate the backlog of repeater applications on  the 440 band.  Phil will continue to handle the out-of-state requests and links on the 440 band.  

Jim, WB8AZP will notify the NFCC regarding who they should send their email notifications to: the President, Dennis, W8DFG; Database Manager, Dave, WD8DJB; Phil, W8IC, and Dan, N8WKM.  


Phil made a motion to place DOG resolution #10 as follows:  Proposal to allow One Way Links to be coordinated North and East of the “A” line in the 430.525 to 430.975 frequency range.  The links will be limited to the area East of 84 degrees longitude.    Supported by Jim, WB8AZP, discussion, motion carried.


Jim, WB8AZP reported on the new D-star digital voice, digital data radios and repeaters.  They will require 3 frequencies for coordination.  Digital and analog cannot share the same frequencies.  As these become more prolific, this will create some challenges in coordination. The Board is looking at the Band Plan.  Currently one request for coordination of a digital repeater has been submitted. 


Deadline for getting the newsletters out is the end of July.   


Phil made a motion to amend the bylaws as follows:

Under MARC standards Article I paragraph F-1: If updates by submitting a Technical Data Sheet (from the system sponsor) are not received a minimum of once every two years the (MARC) coordinator may withdraw the Co-ordination Authorization.


Under MARC procedures, Article 3, paragraph B:  Technical Data Sheet.  It is the responsibility of the repeater trustee to examine and edit as necessary the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to reflect the operating parameters of the repeater system.  Failure to file the TDS by it’s due date may result in an incorrect or omitted entry in the ARRL repeater directory.  Failure to file a TDS for two consecutive years may result in the loss of co-ordination.  The loss of co-ordination will be preceded by a certified letter of intent to revoke the repeater’s co-ordination.  A 30-day response period will be allowed.  The frequency pair thereafter may then be made available for other co-ordination.   2nd by Jim, KB8IFE:  Discussion followed.  Vote taken, motion passed.   This matter will be brought to the membership for a vote after the proposed change has been published in the newsletter. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Jim, WB8IFE and 2nd by Phil.  Motion carried.  Time 3:10 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Ann Manor, KT8F