MARC Meeting Schedule


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MARC holds three quarterly meetings via phone bridge / web meeting; and one annual physical meeting in Lansing.

Phone bridge / web meetings are held on the first Saturday of December, March and June.  How to join the web meeting..

The September annual meeting is held in Lansing in the Training Room at the Delta Twp Fire Station on the first Saturday after Labor Day.

Please see the most recent MARC Newsletter for up to date information.


Phone Bridge Web Meeting Information


Use this ONLY if you are only using the phone.
Dial In Number:    641-715-0663
Access Code:      384775#
   1. Dial into bridge using Dial In Number
   2. Enter Event ID
   3. If the meeting organizer is already present,
        you'll be connected. If not, you'll be
        placed on hold until the organizer appears.

WEB MEETING & Phone Bridge:

Using your web browser

   1. Activate your Web Browser
   2. Go To
   3. Enter your name and email address
   4. Click the phone icon, you will have a choice to
        select using a telephone or your computer for
        audio if you have speakers and mic.
   5. If you select computer you should connect.
   6. If selecting telephone you will be presented with a number
        to dial and an access code.
   7. When prompted enter the access code followed by the # symbol.
   8. Once the audio connects you will need to press # once again
        and enter the synch code followed by the # symbol.
   9. You should now be connected.

Participation in the webmeeting is only needed for things like slideshow presentations, or use of a whiteboard where someone may need to do an illustration. It also allows us the opportunity to display the actual text of a motion for everyone to read. If you are unable to participate in the web meeting you may still join in on the phone bridge from wherever you are.


Annual Meeting Information

Delta Township Fire Station Training Room
811 N. Canal Rd.
Lansing, MI 48917