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Submit the TDS Form via the Internet

MARC accepts TDS forms via electronic methods only. Please submit your coordination or annual update using the form below. Instruction links are provided next to items that may require additional explaination.

The information submitted is to be completed by an individual with license privileges covering this frequency of operation. This person will be solely reponsible for any and all correspondence with MARC and will be the coordination holder of record. This person can be the owner of a system, a partner in a repeater group, a trustee of a radio club, or any other designee who has sole system responsibility. The submitted form must be complete and contain all required information for the action requested.

Note: Required Fields are in red.
New Input Fields are in blue.

Action Requested: ( Instructions )
Michigan Coordination #:   (Existing Coordinations Only)
System Type: ( Instructions )
Requested Band: -MHZ
Output Frequency:   MHZ  (For a New Coordination enter "Assign")
Input Frequency:   MHZ
Control Frequency:   MHZ
System Status: -Date: ( Instructions )
Coordinated Class:
Note: The Sponsor is the actual holder of the coordination.
Successor Sponsor:    SS/Callsign or SS/Organization

This gives MARC the authorization to transfer the coordinated frequency pair
to the Successor when the sponsor is no longer available.

Note: MARC requires a letter of transfer for future sponsor changes if a
          successor sponsor has not been designated.

Repeater Callsign:   If New Enter Old Callsign:  
Geographic Area Served:   Quadrant ( Instructions )
County Identified With Station: * Upper Peninsula Counties must contact UPARRA for coordination
City Identified With Station:
System Owner:
Street Address of Repeater:
Nearest Intersection:
Receiver Location If Different:
  ( Location Instructions )
Latitude:  Degrees  Minutes  Seconds
Longitude:  Degrees  Minutes  Seconds
Ground Elevation Above Sea Level:   In Feet
Antenna Height Above Ground Level:   In Feet
Antenna Height Above Average Terrain:
  In Feet  ( HAAT Instructions )
Antenna Gain:   dBd
Antenna Radiation Pattern: Omni Directional
Antenna Bearing if Directional:   degrees
Transmitter Power:   watts
Effective Radiated Power:   watts ( ERP Calculation Instructions )
System Access Information  

Complete All That Apply:  
 Access Type
NOTE: Closed Repeaters will not be published in ARRL Directory

DMR Color Code:   E.g. CC/nn
Fusion DSQ:   E.g. DSQ/nnn
P25 NAC:        E.g. NAC/nnn
NXDN RAN:   E.g. RAN/nn

Note: An Input PL ( CTCSS ) is required for (all) new repeaters

Output PL CTCSS Hz (optional)

Digital Coded Squelch E.g. DCS/nnn

DTMF Access Tone     DTMF Character Sequence

System Features    

Complete All That Apply:    
Enter your Node or Frequency after the "Designator/"

AllStar Node:   E.g. A/nnnnnn
EchoLink Node:   E.g. E/nnnnnn
IRLP Node:   E.g. I/nnnnnn
Linked to Repeater Frequency:   E.g. L/nnn.nnnnn

Your URL:   E.g. WWW/

Note: Example URL would display as

  D-Star Voice (DV)   D-Star Digital (DD)   Does Not Apply

Wide Band FM Narrow Band FM Does Not Apply
  ( pick the widest bandwidth used )
  e.g. Mixed Mode Repeaters would be Wide Band because they use both.

Weather Net/Usage

Do you want your repeater listed in the ARRL Repeater Directory?   Yes No

Trustee Information: Instructions
Email Address:
Trustee Call:
Zip Code:
Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
MARC News / Correspondence: MARC correspondence will be sent by e-mail.  Decoordination letters will be sent by certified mail to the FCC address of the repeater trustee.
Comments or Questions:


I.   By submitting this form, I certify that I have read and agree to abide by MARC Bylaws, Standards and Procedures; and that the statements above are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

II.  I understand that if granted a coordination I have six months to have the repeater operational to coordinated specifications, or contact the coordinator for an extension. I further understand that failure to do so will result in immediate loss of coordination.

III. A TDS update/review form is required to be submitted by the trustee of this coordination each year. There is a one year grace period after the first year. After two years without an update being submitted, the coordination will be removed from the ARRL Repeater directory; your repeater can be de-coordinated and any protection offered by coordination will be gone. It is the Trustee's responsibility to see that the Renewal TDS is submitted on time.

                  Type your name in the space above.