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12/06/98 - Director Page Changes

Change 220 mhz & Up Coordinator
To: Bill Gilbert, K5EKP
  New Email Address
For: Linda Frank, N8MCZ
  Coordination Form Changes

Change Email Address of Coordination Form
11/23/98 - Home Page Changes

Change Amateur Radio Frequency Coordinators
link to NFCC Coordinators page to provide a more complete list. Eliminated MARC maintained coordinator page.
  Added   CERTIFIED to Home page.
11/17/98 - Director Page Changes

Modified Response Time
ASAP from 48 hrs.
10/05/98 - Director Page Changes

New Director
Joel Goldberg, W8HIU
  Home Page Changes

Changed MARC Web Page Send Email Address
09/08/98 - Director Page Changes

New Email Address
For Jeff, N8HEE
07/30/98 - Home Page Changes

Updated Link to SCRRBA
Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association
  Updated Link to KARC
Kansas Amateur Repeater Council
  Updated Name
Illinois Repeater Council changed to
Illinois Repeater Association
03/22/98 - Director Page Changes

New Email Address
For Jeff, N8HEE
  Home Page Changes

Contact Webmaster
Mailto: Added
  Moved "Last Update"
To Under the U.S.N.O. Clock
  Added "To MARC"
Under the Send E-Mail GIF
03/31/98 - Home Page Changes

Added This Page
And changed "Last Update" into a link to this page.
Thanks to Jim KD8YX in Lapeer County for the suggestion.